FUTURE FISH By Conor Sneyd

Thank you @Conor_sneyd and @lightingbooks for letting me read and review Future Fish. I loved it. I read Future Fish in 4 hours the same day i could not put it down. The front cover is lovely and eyecatching orange With fish on it grabs your sttention staight the way. I found future of fish funny and entertertaining. Conor Sneyd writting style is really good and the story was easy to get into. The story is in first person which is Mark that starts working at the wellcat where he meets Kevin and Noelle there. I liked Noelle alot very strong female character and is there for Mark. Absolutely fantastic read 5 stars. Strongly recommend you read future Fish and i will be reading more by Conor Sneyd in the future. Out now to buy Blurb Sacked from his first job in Dublin, Mark McGuire arrives in the dismal town of Ashcross to take up a new role as customer service assistant for Ireland’s second-biggest pet food brand, WellCat. From his initial impressions, it’s a toss-up whether he’ll die of misery or boredom. He couldn’t be more wrong. For starters, the improbably cute receptionist, Kevin, seems willing to audition as the man of Mark’s dreams. There’s also the launch of a hush-hush new product, Future Fish, on the horizon. Not to mention the ragtag band of exorcists, alien-hunters and animal rights warriors who are all convinced WellCat is up to no good. Why are these crackpots so keen on getting close to Mark? And will their schemes ruin his career prospects? In a deliciously daft comic caper, Conor Sneyd perfectly captures the powerlessness of low-rung office life as well as the seductive zealotry of our times. CONOR SNEYD, 32, was born in Dublin, where he studied English Literature at Trinity College. After a brief stint teaching English in Japan, he spent several years working as an environmental and animal rights activist. The larger-than-life characters he encountered in this field served as inspiration for Future Fish. He lives in London with his boyfriend Gordon. ‘Without doubt the pet-food conspiracy anarcho-thriller romcom of the year. With nuns!’ Adam Macqueen ‘Fast, funny and freaky. A book for everyone who ever hated their job. Soylent Green for the QAnon generation’ Luke Healy ‘A joyously unlikely yet completely relatable comedy. I was in fits from start to finish’ Tim Ewins


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