War of the Wind by Victoria Williamson

Thank you @strangelymagic and @neemtreepress for letting me review this book. War of the wind is 220 pages snd is you g adukt fiction. I really enjoyed reading this book and felt like ot held my attention to the end. I really like the characters my favourite where Max, Beanie and Erin. I love the plot with the evil Doctor Asheood and the wind turbines. It was lovely to see Max develop and start to accept his disabiliny and for Max to have the strengh to tell his dad how he felt about him not communicate with him. My heart did go out to dad ehen i found out why. It did make me sad in places but its great read and gripped me. I slso liked hid uncle and twister. I feel young adults will love this story its diffent and its grest suspence.


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